ALC 2018: Get on your bike

AIDS/LifeCycle, 2018: in just 5 months I will be riding 545 miles from San Fransisco to LA. And it is going to ROCK!

But, right now it feels a little daunting to start training again. I’ve been doing a few rides here and there, but now is the time to get serious and get the training plan together!

  • Step 1. Get on your bike! I had planned for a ride today, but was rained out and the ride was cancelled.
  • Step 2. Eventually you’re going to have to ride in the rain. But today was not that day.

So here is to remembering beautiful weather back in December and fingers crossed for better weather tomorrow.



6 thoughts on “ALC 2018: Get on your bike

  1. Good luck on your 545-mile ride. That’s an amazing distance you’ll be covering! Reg rains, I am okay with rains as long as there is none when I start the ride. I find it a bit difficult to get myself on the saddle if it’s already raining, like today for e.g. Planned a short ride to the beach, but it started drizzling around 5 in the morning. Thought the rain might subside, but from drizzle it went onto a nice downpour, and I canceled the ride. Now am planning for an evening ride. Let’s see how far the rain cooperates. 🙂

    1. Cheeky

      I completely agree! It’s tolerable if the rain comes in while riding, but leaving a cozy dry location to get on the bike is tough! I hope you have a great (and dry) evening ride!

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