Advice Needed: Spinning my wheels

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

This is the 3rd Saturday in a row of training rides that have been rained out, and I’m starting to feel the crunch against my training plan for my 545 mile ride from San Fransisco to LA this coming JuneΒ (theΒ Ride to End AIDS!). So I did the unthinkable (for me).

I went to Spin Class.

Spin Class is an incredible workout! It is hard, effective for training, and I hate everything about it. Not just a mild dislike, but a full on 60 minutes of loathing.

I love riding my bike because I get to be outside, to see nature, feel the breeze, hear the sounds of birds chirping and the wind rustling tree leaves. I get to make friends with nature! The fact that I can propel myself somewhere brings me a sense of incredible freedom and joy.

Spin class takes all those wonderful things about bike riding and shoves it outside the gym doors.

  1. IT’S HARD. I get that this is the point. But if we are being honest, I never work as hard as i do in spin class on a normal ride.
  2. NO COASTING. This makes me so sad. If you stop pedaling your bike in spin class, your computer/metrics-counter and the wheel just flat-out stop. There is no hum of a tire coasting on the road to celebrate your past efforts. Just the sound of silence (not in a pleasant Simon and Garfunkel way either).
  3. YOU DON’T GO ANYWHERE. All that sprinting and you end up right where you started.
  4. YOU’RE INSIDE A GYM. No nature to take in, no sights to see except my own ugly, exercise face in a huge mirror. Could we at least point the bikes toward a window?

I will admit that the music was cool today. Mardi Gras themed Zydeco music for the occasion. So there was my silver lining.

Anyway,Β  tell me, guide me, teach me please! How do you motivate to get through spin class when the rain clouds are around?


19 thoughts on “Advice Needed: Spinning my wheels

  1. See, I ride with some pretty fit fellows and if I’m going to enjoy riding with them in the Spring, I HAVE to stay fit through winter. We got 9″ of snow yesterday so no riding… I ride on my trainer six or seven days a week. Just gotta do it.

    1. Cheeky

      100% that is why I went today. Just so I can keep up w/ the rest of the crew. Though your 6-7 days is incredible! I will admit that I did actually think to myself during class today, what would bgddyjim do? And I cranked the gear up one more (true story). So, thanks for that inspiration πŸ˜€

  2. I have never been to a spin class. Although, one of my cyclist friends, who is advanced in age, loved going there because he could outride any of the people in the class–especially the young braggers. Of course, this only works if your gym posts the watts of people as they are cycling.

    1. Cheeky

      Hahaha! That must be what the other side looks like vs. where I am today. I would have made your friend feel like an absolute rockstar in comparison!

      1. You’ll get there. Besides, he doesn’t feel competitive against real cyclists. He just hates the people who brag in the gym but have never climbed a real hill.
        If you’re ever in London, you might spot him cycling by in his Mondrian cycling jersey.

        1. Cheeky

          Ah definitely! I feel like riding up a hill is more motivating than spin class because if you stop pedaling in the real world, you just fall off your bike and into traffic. Rad jersey choice!

          1. He was surprised that I knew it (we were on a cycling trip in Vietnam). He said that he had spotted a couple of people wearing them over the years. They both signalled to each other like they were part of some secret society….maybe they were.

  3. can you rent one of those head viewer things that scroll through the countryside and make you feel like you are there…wish I knew what they were called. alternate universe headgear? shoot. I need to ask my grandson what they are.

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