Advice Received: Spinning my wheels

Yesterday I moaned heavily about missing a training day due to rain, and instead I went to spin class. As we discussed spin class is just not my thing.

Today the rain has passed and I celebrated by heading outside for a great day!

Now, after a 1.8 mile ride I’m driving an hour back home.

It’s 36 degrees with a 16 mph headwind and 89% humidity. I’ve been informed that the feels like temperature is 26 degrees. Let’s be honest, mother nature just schooled me big time! Living in Texas, I’m not appropriately prepared for these conditions no matter what my pride says.

So I’ve found my motivation to go back to spin class.

Advice asked, advice received. Thanks mother nature. It’s just what I needed.


10 thoughts on “Advice Received: Spinning my wheels

  1. There was an old TV commercial (probably something to do with margarine that tasted like butter)….the punch line was something like “it isn’t nice to fool with mother nature” and somebody got zapped.
    I hope spin class is okay.

    1. Cheeky

      I was thinking I wish I had a pair of those lobster gloves that attach to the handle bars. I was warm everywhere else but my hands were so cold I couldn’t brake well! Sure indicator that it was time to reevaluate. I can’t imagine riding in the snow. So badass!

    1. Cheeky

      That is a perfect description! I can’t imagine riding when it’s below freezing. Think I’ve done it once and swore never again! Too much!

        1. Cheeky

          Oh I would love to see that! Unfortunately for me it’ll be in the upper 80’s by April here. But there’s always next year!

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