Cheeky’s Core Values

  • Everyone can be a cyclist! If you ride a bicycle, you’re officially a cyclist! That’s all it takes.
  • Don’t get hit by a car: Safety is important!
  • If you can’t be fast, you still can look fast.
  • No pain, no pain.
  • Biking should be fun!
  • Rides are best when paired with a coffee stop.
  • Always keep it Cheeky.



12 thoughts on “Cheeky’s Core Values

    1. Cheeky

      I’ll say it is one of the strategies I count on the most! Some days and some hills, it’s all I’ve got 😄

      1. If you look fast you feel fast, and if you feel fast you ride fast, unless you’re a bit slow, in which case art least you look fast, which makes you feel fast, and then ride fast, etc..

        Never leave the loop 😉

    1. Cheeky

      Start with upping the coffee doseage, then slowly add the cycling back in 😄 thanks for stopping by! Happy to have you here!

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